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Welcome to GATHER

What started out as a light-hearted conversation about how conventional office spaces could be transformed and re-imagined is now a reality for us here at GATHER. We saw GATHER as an opportunity for a visionary new office environment with a focus on wellness in the workplace.

We held a small gathering with some friends and partners to celebrate the opening of GATHER on 17 July. It was an evening filled with great food and wonderful gathering of people.

Welcome to GATHER - A close up of a toy - Illustration

Our partners An Acai Affair & Slake serving up delicious Acai cups and Don bowls to our guests.

We have the pleasure of Eterate Calligraphy customising GATHER’s tote bag

Our partner Chiropractic Focus providing spinal screening for our guest

The project team behind GATHER were among those that joined us for the evening.

From Top to Bottom: Marc Webb & Naoko Takenouchi from Takenouchi Webb and Lloyd Soon from Falkcon Interior