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Tips to Gather back to office

As safe management measures ease in Singapore and other parts of the world, workers are starting to return to office. For most of us, we have developed habits or a new set of regimes while working from home and now it’s time to make the transition back to the office environment.

We have gathered some tips on how you can effectively adapt.

Get yourself vaccinated and practice good hygiene habits

While this may seem obvious, other than being fully vaccinated, our level of hygiene needs to be enforced and heightened when in the office as exposure is increased, and discussions are inevitable. We must keep in mind to continue to practice social distancing and mask-up when in the office at all times.

Work out a plan that allows you to integrate at your own pace

Give yourself time to transition back to the office by planning ahead. Start waking up earlier and get dressed as you would when heading back to the office. It is common to squeeze in lunchtime or mid-day workout, or running of errands in the day when working from home. Reschedule them to the evenings. When you are back in the office, make sure you keep at least three evenings off from appointments and make time for your own interest and self-developments.

Use this chance to make changes of going back to office to boost your professional happiness

Are there areas in the office environment that can be improved to boost your productivity? Now with more clarity after experiencing working in a different environment, you may take this opportunity to share your feedback with the management.

Work From home or work near home

Google, Barclays and Microsoft have implemented a work arrangement to allow employees to split their time between office, home or working at a location close to home such as a conducive co-working space. This may help to deal with the physiological transition of employees going back to office while keeping commute cost lower for them. Happy workers = Higher Retention & Productivity.

Seek Professional help if your stress level is more than the transition

Be mindful of your mental well-being, and those around you. Transitioning to a different work environment may be stressful. These emotions should subside as you ease back to the office. However, you noticed you are feeling more stressed up, don’t be afraid to talk to someone, or seek professional help.

Illustration by Maria Hergueta