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The Furry Side Of Bringing Your Pet To Work

There’s evidence that bringing your dog to work with you can reduce your perceived stress levels throughout the day. And when you feel good, you are likely to be more productive.

Having pets in the office has its perks: from employee satisfaction to productivity

Pooches have the power to unite employees, bring them joy, and serve as great talking points for businesses. Little do they know that they create benefits for everyone in the workplace. Petting a dog while working can promote relaxation, and increase happiness.

Reduced stress

One perk of allowing dogs in the office is that your employees’ stress levels will fall. The reason for such a change in stress levels isn’t fully understood, but there are many theories as to why dogs cut stress. One theory is that they actually help produce stress relieving hormones such as oxytocin, while also diminishing cortisol.

Boosts team morale

Pets also provide a lighthearted escape after you’ve had a tough meeting, a rough presentation, or just a bad day in general. Pets can improve the moods of the humans around them due to their unconditional love and pleasant temperaments. Petting an animal or interacting with a pet can help calm tension and create a sense of well-being.

Improves productivity

You might wonder, are pets in the office a source of distraction, or a legitimate tool for increasing productivity?

By allowing dogs in the office, you are less worried about what your dog is doing all day. This translates into more focus and improved productivity when compared to the alternative of leaving your pets at home.

Having a pet at work requires you to occasionally leave your work area to take them out for bathroom breaks. This temporary diversion from work can help you to refocus and refresh yourself as you take a mental break.

GATHER’s pet-friendly policy allows your pet to be by your side while you hustle through the day

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