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Taking care of your mental health

Ever since the start of the pandemic, our work life is no longer the same as it used to be. Our health has become the major concern in our life over other priorities that we had once set. Like our physical health, our mental well-being has become just as important, especially after numerous rounds of lockdown. We have put together some tips on how to attain a work-life balance and productivity in the new normal.

Stay Connected

As we are spending the majority of our time indoors, it’s important that we keep in touch with the world and our loved ones, even when they are far apart. Don’t be afraid to send your friend a text message, video call your parents, send silly memes to your friends or relatives. In fact, it may put a smile on someone’s face.

Learning a new skill or picking up new hobbies

There are many online classes and YouTube videos that can teach you almost anything. If you always dreamt of becoming a baker, now may be the best time to dedicate a portion of your life to learn new skills through the internet. With all the time you have at home now, may be a good time to start some gardening. When your chillies ripen, you can just pluck them to cook your next meal. Have you been giving yourself excuses not to exercise? Now is the moment to find the time. Going for a run or jog around your neighborhood may be the perfect thing to do to get yourself out of the house. Exercising not only increases your general well-being, but it also decreases your likelihood of getting depression. So get up and start moving your body!

Establish work boundaries

Working from home has blurred lines between work time and personal time. It will be good to establish boundaries for yourself by starting and ending your at your designated work hours. Once that is established, resist checking emails or work-related texts unless something urgent pops up. If you find yourself struggling to keep the work-life balance, have an honest conversation with your manager, so that they can help you with finding solutions. Creating a hard line between work and home is challenging. Often, we may feel like we are neglecting our family members by prioritizing work. We may feel like we have failed our bosses who expect us to be as productive as possible while working from home. The sense of failure may evoke negative emotions like stress, anxiety and guilt. Try to understand why these feelings are there and give yourself some time to adapt to these changes as we all work to find our way to the new normal. At our workplace we often have our colleagues there to cheer us on during the most stressful moments and it’s during these uncertain times that we realize the importance of coworker relationships that keep the company ‘’alive’’.

Our mental health and physical health are interconnected, and if left unchecked, burnout can cause a long-term impact on your physical body and mental health. Take time to check regularly on your own mental well-being and assess where you are in terms of work-life balance. This will save you the time, stress, anxiety, and mitigate burn out in the long-run. Remember seeing a doctor or mental health professional does not mean that you are weak. It just means that you are allowing yourself to get the support you need to be your best.

If you need any mental support in Singapore, please refer to the list of helplines and support groups to reach out to:

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