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Successpedia Asia – Journey to Success

Last week, GATHER hosted Successpedia Asia’s talkshow “Journey to Success”. This was Successpedia’s second run of the show, the first was held in August.

Journey to Success is a series of curated talkshows where entrepreneurs and individuals share their insights to their journey in their careers and towards success.

Image credits: Successpedia Asia

The panelists for the night included Rina Loh, Marketing and Sales Director FoodZaps Technology , Fateh Ali, Co-founder and CEO CollabDeen, Keith Tan, Co-founder Zeemart where they shared their journey, the challenges they faced, how they overcame adversity and how they grew their company to where it is today.

Desmond Pang introducing the attendees to Slido to share their questions for the panelists.

It was an interactive session where event attendees got to ask questions via an online app to the panelists through the night – perfect for those who are shy to stand up in front of a crowd.

Panelists taking turns to share their journey and insights

The night ended out with more mingling and networking between all that was involved in the event.

Find out more about Successpedia here.

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