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Office Space of the Future

Walking down the road to a new normal post-pandemic have been a real eye opener for many of us. We not only have to adjust to our mind, body and soul to this new normal but have to educate the next generation of what we are going through together and encouraging one and another not to be afraid of what is coming for the future.

All of us must have watched such pandemic-liked or world disaster movies at least once in our lifetime in this era and would not have thought that we are living in such a warzone now and are surviving and embracing an unknown future together. With working from home being the dreams of many pre-pandemic, will you re-think if that’s really what we wanted? Will working in an office space be obsolete in time to come?

Studies suggest that there’s correlation between aesthetics and ergonomics in an office environment, so the way things look are just as important as to how they are made. The best environment that keeps employees happy in the office environment is to have it practical and pleasing to the eye. The current office layout is all about networking, furniture allowed to be moved around more easily and its choice of colors used, rather than a monotone palate are becoming more trendy now. The use of raw materials and minimalism means there is less clutter, and having more break out areas means staff can relax during the day which in turn increases their productivity. All these motivating factors are easily found in our co-working office environment.

With the increase in telecommunicating, mobility and everything virtual now, how interconnected will our offices becoming in the future? How do you think offices will evolve in the next 10 years? We have the instant access to information through the internet and interconnected systems. Management styles and choices are likely to change and evolve in the next decade. More flexibility and open offices that allow occasional interconnectivity to thrive could be the key to future office designs and demand.

Whatever the future holds, office, coworking spaces and employee interactions are all likely to experience a long period of evolution and change.

Image taken from Coakley Brothers and Brothers Interior