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In the spotlight: Yoga Movement

If you’re wondering who are the amazing people that makes up the Yoga Movement team, you’re in luck!

Because not only is Yoga Movement in the same building as us, GATHER is also home to the Yoga Movement team.

And earlier this week, our Community Manager crashed their weekly team meeting (on ZOOM of course) to catch up with them while they are all currently working from home and also to get to know them a little better.

Rapid Fire Questions

One word to describe the team?
Pete: Epic
Min: Workaholics
Cat: Crazy
Collette: Youthful
Vera: Care
Nimi: Committed
Debra: Dynamic
Putri: Fun

Early bird or night owl?
Pete: Early bird
Min: Early bird
Cat: Early bird
Collette: Early bird
Vera: Early bird
Nimi: Early bird
Debra: Early bird
Putri: Night owl

Music or no music (while working)?
Pete: No music
Min: Music
Cat: Music
Collette: No music
Vera: No music
Nimi: No music
Debra: Music
Putri: No music

(Distracted by) Social media or snacks?
Pete: Both
Min: Snacks
Cat: Social media
Collette: Both
Vera: Both
Nimi: Snacks
Debra: Social media
Putri: Snacks

Meme or Emoji?
Pete: Emoji
Min: Emoji
Cat: Emoji
Collette: Emoji
Vera: Meme
Nimi: Emoji
Debra: Both
Putri: Meme


Who is the biggest snacker in the office?
Unanimous vote goes to Collette and according to Pete, she frequently embarrasses them at outside meetings with her snacking habits. 😂

Who is the loudest?
Putri – “And not anything of substance really… just loud!” 😂

Who is the most OCD?

Who has the messiest desk?
Everyone says Vera but Vera says Putri because she claims it’s a combined desk. 😂

Who has the best dress sense?
It seems to be a tie between Collette and Nimi!

We also had the opportunity to interview the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Yoga Movement, Peter Thew on how Yoga Movement started and how they’ve been adjusting to this new normal of working from home and having to switch to live sessions for their members during this uncertain Covid-19 times…

Please tell us more about yourself and what do you do at Yoga Movement?
Pete: I’m an Australian that has been living in SG for a good 11 years now, originally bouncing between here and Indonesia as the Brand Manager for Asia for youth lifestyle brand, Billabong. I met my now wife and co-founder of Yoga Movement, Alicia Pan, back in 2011 and we started Yoga Movement with the intent to make yoga more accessible, a bit more youthful, and a little cooler. We’ve grown a fair bit over the years, so whist we started out grinding and as Jack’s of All Trade’s for the first 4 or 5 years of the business, I’ve now wound up in the Managing Director role. The majority of what I do is around company structure, team, business growth, and the financial management of the business… but my heart is still in branding, messaging, and brand aesthetics, so I still poke my nose in to that fairly regularly. 

Pete & Alicia during the renovation works of their very first Yoga Movement studio.

Short introduction of your furry friend and have you brought him/her to the office?
Pete: We unfortunately lost one of our boys through this Circuit Breaker period, a 17 year old wire hair JRT rescue from SPCA named Nino. He’d been with us as long as Alicia and I had been together, so it was a tough loss. We have two other nutcases, Chutney (a Sheltie x Frenchie) and Stewie (a beagle). They have been to the office briefly, but they literally get too excited. They’re great guys with good hearts.

Stewie, Chutney & Nino.

What do you do to relieve stress?
Pete: When it all gets a bit much, I definitely head to the boxing gym. It’s great exercise and good for the soul. I also don’t mind going to the golf range to hit some balls and have a beer (old man stuff), but will also log on to the PlayStation from time to time, just to numb the brain a little. Of course, hanging out with groups of friends always, helps, which has proven tough through this period (obviously). I find online meet ups ok, but really miss being round people.

What do you like about having an office space at GATHER?
Pete: We have a super mobile team and I personally can not sit in one chair for more than 2 hours straight. I love the fact that there are so many nooks and crannies for you to set up a work station to bang out some work. The meeting spaces are amazing and the quality of the fitout really speaks volumes to the professionalism we’re trying to exude to both team (internal) and partners (external). 

What does work-life balance mean to you?
Pete: I have a personal theory on “work-life balance”… I’m just not a big believer in it. I just believe that it’s life… period. If you are unable to define or manage your work and still enjoy your own pursuits, you need to change something. I never get to Sunday and dread getting up Monday morning… similarly, I don’t get to Friday afternoon and think, “Thank god that weeks over”.

How has the team been adjusting to this new normal of WFH during this time of Covid-19?
Pete: The team has adjusted really well on the whole, but it is definitely different for each individual. Some have kids at home and have found it impossible to set up any sort of workstation (me!), some have multiple generations living under the one roof and have found it similarly difficult, but some are working from home for the first time and have found a really good groove. I think once things open back up, we will have more confidence in our team even further managing their own schedules around office time versus WFH time. This period has been a real eye opener that we can be an effective team with a mix of working scenarios.

What are some new changes happening at Yoga Movement (live classes, etc)?
Pete: The team pulled together an amazing offering with our YM LIVE classes. Essentially they are a practice room online, limited to 20pax, with the teacher leading a individual session, supported by direct feedback, corrections, and encouragement. It’s been received really well, versus having ‘on demand’ or ’streaming’ classes, which we simply thought there was a massive over supply of.

Do you foresee Yoga Movement to continue with these live classes even after the circuit breaker has been fully lifted? Are live classes going to stay? Especially since we foresee Covid-19 to last for some time despite the studios being given the green light to open.
Pete: Most definitely! We have actually quizzed about 100 clients about it, about the pricing, the offering, the service delivery. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. In saying this, we know people want to get back in the studios and back to the community…. and we know that the YM LIVE classes will moderate a fair bit… but it has a real place in the future for us for many reasons!

Thank you to Pete and his team at Yoga Movement for sharing with us! We cannot wait to see the team back at GATHER real soon.

Find out more about YM LIVE classes here.

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