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In The Spotlight: Socii Capital & Nigel

April 11 is National Pet Day – a day set aside to reflect on how these furry friends impact our lives. We never get tired of saying this, but pets are one of the most important parts of our lives and they are pretty much indistinguishable from family members. Pets enrich our lives, homes and even workplaces now!

We sat down for a chat with our fellow member, Yuan Chen of Socii Capital who recently moved to Singapore from Dublin with his furkid Nigel and joined Gather as they work together to set up an office right here in the sunny city.

Please tell us more about yourself and what do you do at Socii Capital?

Hi, my name is Yuan. I am a ex-Londoner and San Franciscan. I make tech investments for a living together with my AHT colleague Nigel in our SG office.  

Founded in 2016, Socii Capital is a venture capital firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. The firm seeks to invest in companies building software-enabled digital infrastructure.

Note: AHT = American Hairless Terrier

What has your experience been like working alongside Nigel? Share with us the perks of bringing Nigel to work with you.

As with all relationship involving a Naughty Boi, it is a mix of Love and Hate (so far a lot more love 😉). He is mostly quiet (sleeping or working on his chew toys) during the day but does regularly remind me to take quick break every hour or so to play either fetch and retrieve or tug game with him. Nigel occasionally invites himself to a Zoom call which can cause confusion on whether I am actually WFH or in an office…

Unfortunately he also treats his day bed as a chew toy and has so far destroyed two within 3 months. ☹

What drew you to GATHER and what do you think about pet-friendly workspaces?

I was drawn to GATHER predominantly because it is the best known dog friendly co-working space in SG! Everyone here at GATHER is so friendly with Nigel (what a lucky Boi!). The staff even proactively loaned him a day bed before the one that I ordered him online arrived! I believe pet friendly workspaces will become more popular as the line between WFH and in office blurs further. Nigel is eagerly looking forward to meeting up with more 4-legged friends at GATHER!

What is one thing/toy Nigel can’t live without?

This is a hard one as there are too many. Chew toys, fetch and retrieve toys, and of course endless meaty treats!

Share with us something quirky about Nigel!

Nigel needs a thick jacket in colder climate as he is completely furless

He spent his first 6 months in London and Dublin. Unlike human travellers, he wasn’t required to serve SHN while coming to SG during in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic…

…however he was sunburnt in his first week as an SG resident. As such I have to apply sunblock on him each time we go outdoors for a prolonged period during a sunny day. For him that is like having an unsolicited 5-mins full body massage. #LostInTranslation

Nigel used to be (mostly) grey while in Europe and now he is 100% black

Any advice/tips to share for fellow pet owners looking to bring their pets to work?

The first week of bring dog to work can be disruptive. You need to be patient with your dog and be firm with rules

Teach your dog to be polite and mindful of other co-workers in the office. Not everyone loves to play fetch and retrieve all the time…

Buy a comfortable day bed for him/her – that’s the best investment ever