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In The Spotlight: Kate Low, Perk By Kate

We are dedicating this whole month of March to celebrating women all around in recognition of International Women’s Day. No better way to commemorate this than to feature one of our dearest partners of Gather, Kate Low, founder of Perk By Kate as she shares with us her story and what it means to her for women to support one another.

The homegrown label, established in 2012 was born out of the ideology to bring real lingerie, to real women. It started out by retailing small overseas lingerie labels and eventually evolved into Perk by Kate the label — offering original designs and quality pieces curated by Kate herself.

The Perk promise is simple, Kate and her team are dedicated to delivering thoughtfully created products and quality service from the heart.

Let’s go back to the beginning, what’s your story?

Prior to Perk by Kate, I was doing fashion and lifestyle marketing at Club 21. I wanted to see if I could carve out something on my own using all the experience I had gained. Chose lingerie because I love lingerie but could never find pieces that fit well. 😊

What’s been keeping Perk by Kate busy lately?

So many! I decided to go with the flow in 2020 because of COVID and because of my newborn.  Shelfed many plans that I had in mind. This year, with renewed enthusiasm, I’m doing my best to put these plans into action! These include introducing new categories (think athleisure, loungewear and boudoir), as well as executing more interesting marketing activities that will help us stay relevant.

Perk By Kate celebrates 9 years in business this year – what has been the most challenging and most rewarding thing about managing Perk By Kate?

I find it hard to keep the spirit and creativity alive. Think about it, we benchmark ourselves based on a monthly target. It means we get a reset back to zero at the start of every month. It’s not all about launching a new collection, unfortunately!

I’ve been around for 9 years. It means I’ve had at least 108 moments of “what should I do for this month, how do I keep going, how do I keep inventing” conversations with myself. These moments can be discouraging on months when you feel completely sapped.

The most rewarding would be to see how our customers grow with us, see what we do, appreciate the work, and give us encouragement to go along. It is also immensely satisfying to execute an idea in mind beautifully.

As a newly minted parent, how has it been like for you to juggle work and family? What is the one thing you have adopted to balance both?

It hasn’t been easy, but it has gotten easier. When Dawn was born, I had to almost entirely devote 4 months to her because those 4 months were crucial in terms of getting her down to a routine, get her sleeping and feeding patterns in place, as well as letting her get attached to us, and her feeling secure and knowing that Mama and Papa will always be there to love her. I had to delegate work to my team, and thankfully they took on the work so graciously!

Dawn is 10 months now. I bring her to work almost everyday. She somehow knows Mama needs her cooperation, and she helps me along by sleeping and feeding well. My girls help out with a little baby sitting once in a while too. They are more than happy to!

Through it all, I have learnt not to stress over things that do not go right. It helps a lot. 

In your opinion, how important is it for women to lift each other up and what does that mean to you?

It is crucial! We women understand each other and it is through understanding that we feel heard, listened to, and in some ways, respected. It is through this process of listening, understanding and encouraging that gives us strength to handle our day to day life with love. Women are also not shy to extend help. We are not meant to function as lonewolves. We need our tribe!

On International Women’s Day, any advice or message would you like to share with women looking to start their own business?

I always encourage women to try! We are born to create, to make beautiful things. 😊

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