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In the Spotlight: Guinness, Dogs of Gather

Let’s welcome Guinness! The newest addition to Dogs of Gather. Guinness, a one year old wired hair dachshund is friendly, adorable, and always camera ready for you to snap away pooch perfect pictures with.

She’s not only close to her owner Lena, but very cuddly to the rest of us at Gather.

We caught up with dog mum Lena who shared more about Guinness and some tips on bringing your furry friend along to work:

What do you like most about working alongside your pet?

If I get stressed out, there’s nothing more soothing than a cuddle break.

Any tips for bringing your pet to office?

Bring along a toy and some treats too. Also, if your dog is able to wear dog diapers, it will be the best because it will save you the hassle of cleaning up if they accidentally make a mess.

What are some of Guinness’ unique quirks or personality traits?

She is a very loving pup, everyone is her friend (humans or doggos alike) and her favourite thing to do is to give everyone kisses!

What is the one thing/toy that Guinness can’t live without?

She doesn’t have a favourite toy, but she does have a favourite person, and no it’s not me. It’s her other Dogma. She howls and cries every time she notices Joyce heading out.

Any games or activities that will always excite Guinness?

She loves to play “fight” with her sister Lola and they will usually chase each other around the house.

Any tricks that she can do on command?

Sit, Down, Paw, BANG (she will drop and lie on the ground)