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In The Spotlight: Beyond The Vines

With National Day coming up, what better way to celebrate it than to feature a homegrown label who are also our lovely members – Beyond The Vines.

Helmed by the husband-and-wife duo, Daniel and Rebecca, we got upclose with the couple and the team as they share with us personal anecdotes and all things local.

“Photo: @r_beccating

Please tell us more about yourselves and what are your roles in Beyond The Vines?

Daniel: We are a husband and wife team, together we co-founded Beyond The Vines. Rebecca manages the creative and design team while my job is just to sign cheques.

How has it been like working with your spouse?

Daniel: There are certainly pros and cons working together. I see the pros outweigh the cons. Firstly, there’s no one else I would trust to watch my back and catch me when I fall. Alone, I am sharp on one side but together we are sharp every which way you turn us. Well, of course for the cons, I have to convince her at times, not most of the time but it happens, she doesn’t see my brilliance and I have to convince her my taking over the world plans.

What do you do to relieve stress?

Daniel plays golf while Becky keeps working.

What do you like about having an office space at GATHER?

The best thing to have happened in 2020. Everyone in the company loves it, we are in the good company of Cathay and Yoga Movement. The light into the office is fantastic, privacy as well as space given has been great for the team to do what they do best.

What does work-life balance mean to you?

Means being present at whatever you may set your hands and time to do. 

We asked the couple, who is more likely to…

Photo: @danielgchew

We also got the chance to speak to the rest of the team and threw random questions at them to get to know them better.

If you could, whose closet would you raid?

Johanna/Terese: Brittany Bathgate (@brittanybathgate)
Samantha: Kim Go Eun (@ggonekim)
Jamie: Tilda Swinton
Renee/Sarah: Lizzie Hadfield (@shotfromthestreet)
Isaac: John Mayer (@johnmayer)
Celeste: Steph Bae (@happy_baes)

Left to Right: Lizzie Hadfield, John Mayer, Brittany Bathgate, Kim Go Eun, Steph Bae

A fashion trend that you don’t get or a fashion trend that you used to adopt but wished you haven’t.

Johanna: Shorts over leggings (from poly days)
Terese: Thailand muscle tanks
Samantha: Slippers (thongs style)
Jamie: Skirt over leggings
Renee: Overly ripped jeans
Isaac: Anello backpacks
Celeste: Crocs

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Punch, Cycle Project Store, Plain Vanilla Bakery, Little Island Brewing Co, Awfully Chocolate, Keong Saik Bakery, Yard Yarn, Birds of Paradise, Kydra.
Photos courtesy of the respective businesses.

Besides BTV, what are some of your favourite local brands?

Johanna: Atlas Coffeehouse (@atlascoffeehouse)
Terese: Punch (@punch.gram)
Samantha: Awfully Chocolate (@awfullychocolatesg) & Kydra (@kydraofficial)
Jamie: Keong Saik Bakery (@keongsaikbakery), Plain Vanilla (@pvbakery) & Yard Yarn (@yard_yarn)
Renee: Birds of Paradise (@bopgelato)
Isaac: Cycle Project Store (@cycleprojectstore)
Celeste: Anndol Flora (@anndol.flora) & Little Island Brewing Co. (@littleislandbrew)

What do you think is one fashion staple everyone should own?

Johanna: Nice tapered trousers
Terese: Striped T-shirt
Samantha: White Sneakers
Jamie: White Button Shirt
Renee: White T-shirt
Sarah: High-waisted jeans
Isaac: New balance 990
Celeste: Mom Jeans

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Dumpling Bag, Contrast Stitch Crepe Trouser, Cupro Boxy Shirt Dress, Cupro Camisole, Suiting Utility Trouser, Wide Leg Belted Crepe Trouser, Slant Hem Crepe Dress
Photos courtesy of Beyond The Vines

What’s your favourite item from the BTV line?

Johanna: Slant Hem Crepe Dress
Terese: Cupro Camisole
Samantha: Cupro Boxy Shirt Dress
Jamie: Suiting Utility Trouser
Renee: Contrast Stitch Crepe Trouser
Sarah: Belted Wide Leg Crepe Trouser
Isaac: A couple of items from the upcoming mens collection 😉
Celeste: Dumpling Bag

Thank you to Daniel, Becky and the entire team at Beyond The Vines for sharing with us!

Shop Beyond The Vines here.

Also, find out more about GATHER here.