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GATHER x Eterate Calligraphy

Over the weekend on 14 September, GATHER hosted an Introduction to Brush Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop conducted by Marilyn Chew, the founder of Eterate Calligraphy and we would like to reel you in on what it’s like to be involved in one.

Gathering a group of design and craft enthusiasts, some of which have dabbled in calligraphy before and some who are totally new to this art. The participants took turns to share their names and what they hope to take away from the class.

Some light snacks and a personalised hand-drawn place cards by Marilyn were given to the guest

To encourage continued practice, all materials such as workbooks, brush pen and Eterate calligraphy pencil used during the workshop were given to the participants to bring home

Practicing the techniques with a brush pen through warm-up drills and practice strokes.

The 2.5 hours beginner workshop covered the knowledge of calligraphy terminology, tools, writing posture, and every minuscule according to the groupings of the letterform. At the end of the class, the participants also received a complimentary GATHER bag where the instructor, Marilyn, customized for them according to their request.

Marilyn and her students during last Saturday’s workshop at GATHER.

And if you’re wondering, no prior experience is required for you to attend their Brush Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop. Eterate Calligraphy is excited to introduce to you this new, portable and convenient medium to enjoy the art of calligraphy so do join them when the next workshop opens!

Find out more about Eterate Calligraphy here.

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