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Coworking Vs Cafe

Coworking office spaces have been gaining popularity recently over the last couple of years as more organizations move away from the traditional office space. There are many factors that contribute to this trend such as being liberated from work commutes and greater flexibility in balancing personal and professional lives. Can office spaces be replaced by a café or even your own home? Will your productivity remain at its best? As the world forges ahead with the Working From Anywhere (WFA) concept, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of working in coworking spaces vs cafes.

The Furnishing

If you are looking at a space that will be more appropriate for client meetings, for obvious reasons, a coworking office will be more conducive as compared to a rowdy café or an eatery outside. Most coworking spaces provide private phone booths and meeting rooms suited for taking important calls and meetings.

The Facilities        

What do you look for in an office environment? Not only do you want a comfortable and functional environment, but you also need the right tools that can help you work with zero disruptions. Co-working spaces provide a one-stop service solution to suit all your needs such as high speed internet, pantry access and printing facilities. Most of these services are not available at cafes because cafes are usually designed for customers to have coffee and food and leave after a certain period of time.

The Networking

If you are building your business contacts and network, it’s good to be in a space that can provide you with opportunities to meet like-minded individuals to build and maintain strong partnerships. A coworking space not only brings you different counterparts from different industries but also a platform for going into international markets with the network of professionals it can fetch.

Coworking spaces can be the ideal option for individuals looking for a space where they can strike a perfect worklife balance. Made for the modern-day business owner, Gather offers a host of workspace options – from fully-furnished studio offices and bespoke suites to event spaces ideal for social activities, and best of all, Gather is pet-friendly too!