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In the Spotlight: Chie – Gather’s newest furry member

Every morning when Chie comes into our space, she will be happily running around greeting us with her bubbly character and practically acknowledging everyone she sees around Gather!  She is one of the friendliest dogs you’ll find here!

She’s not only close to her owner El, but very cuddly to the rest of us at Gather.

We caught up with El, who shared more about Chie and what it’s like to be working alongside his furry pal.

Please tell us more about yourself and about your role at BEAM?

I am the founder of BEAM. I lead the team in creating engaging content and event experiences based on energy and the fundamentals of positive psychology.

What are some of Chie’s unique quirks or personality traits?

Chie loves people. She grew up in a big family and has never spent a day alone. Because of that, she is great at observing people’s energy. If she comes to you, it means that your energy is great at that point in time.

What is the one thing that Chie can’t live without?

Her parents! Because we love having her in our lives – every single moment if we can. This is one of the reasons why I chose to have my office at Gather.

What do you like most about working alongside your pet?

Social scientists say that working professionals don’t allocate enough “play” time. All the expectations of “professionalism” are causing more stress – it affects our mental wellbeing.

So, having Chie here reminds us that there is more to life than hard work. When we play with Chie, our minds produce oxytocin.  This leads to us becoming more creative.

The presence of animals also makes us kinder and more empathetic. It’s a brilliant form of self-care. This in turn has a positive impact on the way we treat others around us.

Any tips for bringing your pet to office?

In my experience, creating a sense of place for our pets is the most crucial step in creating a comfortable environment for everyone.  So, bring a couple of their favourite toys, a comfy bed and most importantly, a private spot for their food and water.  Once our pet feels a sense of belonging, they, in turn, will be more relaxed.

Familiarise your pet with neighbours in the office. Leash her up during the introduction so they know we want them to be in their best behaviour. Share with your neighbours how to play with your pet and if there are areas of sensitivity.

Do not let your dog run free if people are busy with conference calls. As much as we love our pet and think that they can do no wrong, they can be disruptive unexpectedly.

Finally, if the weather permits, walk your dog as often as you can so they keep the work place clean for everyone.

Image provided with courtesy of BEAM