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Looking for an Alternative to WeWork?

If you have arrived here, chances are you are considering a coworking space as an option for your business. You have an understanding and have carefully weighed out the pros and cons, and are at a stage of finding the balance between those points before you commit to the space.

Global chains like WeWork stands out for its sense of community and opportunities for networking. There are frequent social events for members to mingle, the environment is buzzing and vibrant, and offices and collaborative spaces are designed with the aim to connect people.

Great. But what if your business requires high-level privacy, or if you or your team do not work well with distractions?

The answer is a space that is private and quiet, yet allowing you to enjoy other benefits of a coworking space such as flexibility and provided amenities.

Gather is designed to help you stay focused on what’s right ahead. The space is spacious and minimalistic, exuding a sense of calm. Its offices and meeting rooms are enclosed and enjoy an abundance of natural light through its floor-to-ceiling windows to a view of unobstructed greenery.

Unlike most spaces, Gather do not offer hot desk as a membership option. The result is a lounge that is exclusive to our members. Members can choose to work from or have discussions at the lounge anytime during the day.

For important confidential calls, there are 3 beautiful phone booths on each level. With 7 meeting rooms to 12 offices, there will be no lack of spaces for private discussions.

If the pros of coworking appeals to you, but privacy is a deal-breaker, Gather would be the bridge.