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About our coworking space in Robertson Quay

Being in Robertson Quay allows us to create a space that embodies this neighbourhood’s calm and laidback vibes. This urbanised area is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants and cafes, with al fresco dining options aplenty and a focus on community and neighbourhood.

Partnering with Takenouchi Webb & Falkcon Interior, the space is designed using a colour palette of earthy pinks, whites, and light wood colours gives a warm, bright and inviting effect. Floor to ceiling window facing office allows us to bring in the natural lights which allows our members to look out and enjoy the view of the neighbourhood if they needed to take a break from work.

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As one of the few private office only space, we understand the importance of have a good ration of meeting rooms to offices so at GATHER, we have 12 offices to 7 meeting rooms; providing a good number of meeting rooms to go around.

Flexibility is something we feel that is important.

If your business is growing and need to expand your manpower, you do not need to worry about moving offices because with our bespoke suites will not confine you to a fixed layout;  add in an additional table any time you are ready to grow.

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GATHER has partnered with several establishments in and around Robertson Quay – members get exclusive benefits with Orange Theory Fitness, F45, Absolute You, Publico, Natureland, among others.

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